EN14024 is the harmonized European standard for metal profiles with thermal separation. It regulates the minimum mechanical strength requirements for metal profiles with an interrupted thermal bridge . EN14024 is a very comprehensive standard which also defines the procedures for testing and evaluating metal profiles with thermal separation. The EN14024 allows manufacturers to precisely assess whether the metal profiles they have developed are suitable for use as window profiles.

Invisible tensions in the metal profile

Already in simple building windows, these construction elements are exposed to a wide range of forces that are hardly visible from the outside. The only mechanical action visible in a window is the opening and tilting function. The leverage and shear forces acting on the profile are, however, the smallest problem for these components. Contact Us   Windows must be airtight and soundproof. This is the only way they can develop their full functionality. This is achieved by an ingenious mechanism which firmly connects the frame and window profile. In the connected state, however, very high compressive stresses can occur due to thermal expansion, which must not affect the window structure. However, metal profiles with thermal separation have a limited capacity to absorb these compressive stresses. It therefore requires a great deal of constructive effort to design the profiles in such a way that they are up to their task.

Effective influences on a metal profile according to EN14024

DIN EN14024 describes exactly which strengths are measured during the evaluation of a metal profile.
  • In section 5.3, EN14024 describes the transverse tensile strength that can act on the metal profile. Thermal separation and metal profile are pulled against each other and the occurring force is measured.
  • In section 5.4. EN14024 defines the shear strength of both elements to each other. This section of EN14024 also examines the shear spring stiffness.
  • An important characteristic value is the deformation in the ageing process. This describes EN14024 in section 5.5.2 and how a suitable test for this characteristic value should look like.
  • In section 5.6 EN14024 describes some characteristic values that a metal profile with thermal separation has to apply.
The U-value, the heat transfer coefficient, is not examined in EN14024, but in the EN 12412-2 standard, which describes the mechanical forces and ageing processes.

Assistance for measurement procedures in EN14024

EN14024 provides detailed information on what a suitable measuring instrument should look like for determining the various force measurements and examinations for the ageing process. With meaningful pictures and many descriptions, EN14024 is a very precise aid for machine builders for test equipment or manufacturers of metal profiles. Like any standard, EN14024 only has a recommending character. However, for legal certainty and product quality it is indisputable that manufacturers should orient themselves as closely as possible to the standard.

Quality through EN14024

Müller TB Technologies AG orients itself closely to EN14024 in the development and manufacture of shear testers. With a detailed certification procedure, we achieve a manufacturing quality that can easily compete on the market. Consistent, standard-compliant quality for the best possible window construction is part of our mission and philosophy. We are particularly proud of this.