Special Purpose Machinery

The design and production of special purpose machines are very important for us. In most cases, such solutions are designed based on customer requirements. Our range of special purpose machines and plants is therefore extremely versatile. By using standardised components, we are able to produce custom-engineered solutions at an affordable price. The special purpose machines shown here represent just a small part of our portfolio.

Müller TB Technologies AG will be happy to tell you more about such facts.

False mitre saw

This saw with four units is designed for the fast and precise cutting of window profiles. False mitres are required in order to join profiles of different width.

Spider feed unit

Machine for the automated infeed of plastic profiles into the chambers of composite profiles to reduce k value.

Interior Crimping Machine

Rolling in and thus sealing joints from the inside of the profile allows for greater flexibility as regards profile design. The process is however slightly more time-consuming than the standard method and its tool costs are higher.

4-lane foil coating machine for packing tape rolls

Foil coating the packing tape roles prevents the tape from slipping off the roll during transport. This machine is equipped with 4 foil coating stations catering for various tape widths and angles.

Cardboard corner folding machine

Automatic folding machine for punched protective elements made from corrugated cardboard designed for the protection of finished window frame corners.

Air handling unit for EN 14024 durability testing

Unit for the performance of tests with the accelerated ageing method according to EN 14024, whereby the parts undergo a cyclic tensile load test while being exposed to thermal cycles of between -20°C and 80°C.

Conversion of mitre saw for special application

The standard mitre saw model was equipped with various additional devices and special functions.

Conveyor belt

Food-grade conveyor in V2A stainless steel.

Foaming unit

EUsed for PU foam filling of chambers of various size in long window and door profiles.

Seal installation unit with integrated chop saw

Machine for the automated installation of seals in window profiles with automatic end section cutting.

Special knurling machine

Machine for knurling at various points along small adapter profiles. This unit allows for high-precision control of the profile straightness and knurling depth.

Nailing machine

Unit for the automated nailing of wood panels for packaging crates. The nailing points are programmed in the control and worked through an XY portal.

Groove milling machine for PVC window profiles

Machine for the cutting of grooves in PVC window profiles and subsequent installation of V2A covers.