Knurling Machines

Knurling machines are used knurled or ridged surface in the bond zone of a composite profile. A knurled groove significantly increases the grip and the bond between two connected profiles. Knurling is therefore a cost-efficient way to optimize the static strength of profiles.

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Type S

Developed for small production quantities of simple and smaller profiles such as typical window or door profiles. Suitable for companies that need knurling machines, but do not need them in continuous use.

Type LK eco

medium class machine for all possible types of window, door and facade profiles, comfortable and fast adjustment, but not available with axis control. Suitable for companies that use their knurling machine a lot but don’t have a lot of different profiles.

Type LK1 with manual adjustment

For medium production quantities of profiles with simple and complex cross-sections. It can optionally be equipped with CNC control, which is often desired in fully automatic systems. Suitable for companies that want to use their knurling machine with many functions and want to be flexible with various aluminum profiles. With the optional CNC control, the settings can be saved and called up again, which shortens the setup time and simplifies the setup.

Type LK2 with axis control

Profiles are knurled with the compound grooves facing down. Mainly used in the combined knurl/assembly process. Optionally CNC controlled, which shortens and simplifies the change over. By combining the LK1 and LK2 machines, the aluminum profiles can be processed by the knurling machines at the top and bottom at the same time. With this combination you get a fully automatic system, which increases the production time and the automation.