Rolling Machines

A window has many tasks to perform. It must be transparent to allow sunlight to pass through. It must open and close to allow ventilation. It must be soundproof so that the noise from the street cannot get inside the house. But it is just as important that a window insulates as well as possible.

A consistent feel-good atmosphere can only be achieved by constant temperatures. Whether it is cold in winter or hot in summer – people want a pleasant indoor temperature inside the building.

Müller TB Technologies AG will be happy to tell you more about such facts.

Rolling Machine BCplus

Type BCplus

Facilitates production of all normal window and door profiles. Same production capacity as the larger rolling machines. Less suitable for very large profiles.

Type Standard

Suitable for all kinds of profiles, especially for the production of heavy façade profiles as well as heavy duty, continuous operation.

Type Advanced

Newly developed for more complex profile geometries and shorter changeover times. The machine features new, previously unattained features such as: all adjustments axis-controlled, many additional adjustments, lower and upper roll-in force individually measurable and adjustable.