Knurling machine: How can a knurling machine change your life?




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Knurling machine: How can a knurling machine change your life?

While it may not be entirely accurate to imply that a knurling machine can change your life, it can certainly make a significant difference if you are in the aluminium profile business. A knurling machine is used to create a knurled or ridged surface on the interface or inner pocket of thermal break profiles. Muller specialises in equipment for aluminium profile insulation and we can help you to select the knurling machine that is best suited to your assembly line.

Take a closer look at a Muller knurling machine

For over 50 years, Muller TB Technologies AG has been at the forefront of knurling machine manufacture and development. That legendary Swiss precision and workmanship play as large a part in the construction of each knurling machine as the latest high-tech machinery and equipment. Muller makes exactly the type of knurling machine its clients demand. Take the Knurling Machine type S, for example. This versatile knurling machine is used to knurl the interface of the aluminium with its insulating material. Its hardened knurling wheels are unerringly accurate and the S-Type knurling machine is easy to operate. The pedestal style knurling machine features a supporting roller on ball bearings that is coated in "Vulkollan" with a separate knurling head with toothed belt drive and motor. A digital section height adjustment display is a useful feature and, of course, you can find out more about this exceptional knurling machine at right now.

Choose the knurling machine that's right for you

The Muller LK1 knurling machine has been designed to tackle the pocket section of aluminium thermal break profiles. A powerful knurling machine, the LK1 comprises a base with a treated table top surface and 2 knurling heads driven by an electric motor and powered by a toothed belt with a linear guide for horizontal and vertical adjustment. This high-performance knurling machine has "Vulkollan" coated wheels for a superb finish and longer production span. Other features such as digital adjustment readout and a frequency inverter to control speed make this knurling machine a must for those who want reliable machinery that can be tapered to their needs - whether that's optional clamps to insert strips directly or CNC axis control. Other extras that can be applied to the LK1 knurling machine include additional tools, a taping machine and a pressure regulator to increase or decrease the knurling force.

Every piece of equipment manufactured in Switzerland by Muller TB Technologies AG is subjected to rigorous standard checks, and that includes the LK1 and the Type S knurling machine. You're guaranteed a knurling machine that will perform to an exceptional level for many decades. A Muller knurling machine makes your aluminium profile a more reliable and effective product. You'll enjoy a rise in productivity with an accurate knurling machine that cuts waste to zero, so why not visit for more information or contact us by email or phone?


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