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Looking for rolling machine manufacturers?

Whether you're the owner or foreman in a large or small plant, you'll understand the importance of choosing rolling machine manufacturers who offer more. Muller TB Technologies AG has built its enviable reputation on outstanding services and efficient and reliable products for the aluminium profiles and extrusion sector. If your aim is to provide your customers with a perfectly finished, high-quality, product, it's well worth taking a moment to consider the many advantages of choosing rolling machine manufacturers like Muller.

More than just your average rolling machine manufacturers

Established in Switzerland in 1965, family-run rolling machine manufacturers Muller Technologies offers its European and international clients a little more than just basic machinery. As well as producing its own rolling machine range, the company offers an exceptional selection of modular assembly systems and finishing machines for rolling machine manufacturers around the globe. Dedication to quality and detail combined with that inimitable Swiss precision has gained Muller its reputation for excellence and, today, the company supplies most of the foremost players in the international aluminium extrusion field.

Take a closer look at products from Switzerland's premier rolling machine manufacturers

Firstly, if you're relatively new to the industry, it's worth thinking about what a rolling machine actually does. One of its main tasks is to pre-crimp aluminium profiles at specific points to create a thermal break before crimping and finishing. Muller is one of Europe's most innovative rolling machine manufacturers and its six-disc, three-step system is second to none. First, the profile is guided into place for pre-crimping. The second step is the main crimp while step three corrects both horizontally and vertically. This dedication to detail is what makes Muller the ideal partner for those looking for rolling machine manufacturers they can trust.

Get more from your rolling machine manufacturers

It's not just versatile and efficient plant machinery that has gained Muller its reputation as one the world's most innovative and advanced rolling machine manufacturers. We take our customer's needs seriously and are as happy to design a modular assembly system for a small plant as we are to create large-scale operations for other established rolling machine manufacturers. Our knowledgeable team is on hand to discuss every aspect from initial planning and design to the installation of a fully-operational system. We'll help you to create an effective and fast assembly line that will save you time and money. And, if you think it may be too expensive to recruit the aid of expert rolling machine manufacturers like Muller, it's worth noting that less waste and fewer man-hours mean that you'll quickly recoup your initial outlay.

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