Taping machine: Get the best results with a taping machine




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Taping machine: Get the best results with a taping machine

A taping machine is used to apply a surface protective tape or film to aluminium profiles during the assembly stage. Muller TB Technologies AG is the first choice for businesses who want a taping machine that offers exceptional performance in a versatile format. Clients all around the world look to Muller TB Technologies AG for aluminium profile insulating machinery that they can count on, and the taping machine is just one of the company's many successes.

Protect the surfaces of each part by making a taping machine part of your aluminium profile assembly line. The taping machine carefully applies a layer of protective tape to each exposed surface so that profiles can be joined, knurled and crimped without scratching or damage. A smooth, scratch free painted finish is an attractive feature of your finished product, so it makes sense to invest in a taping machine. It's so easy for surfaces to become scratched or dented as profiles are manipulated to complete various tasks. A Muller taping machine protects painted surface areas by applying a thin protective film that won't leave marks and can be easily added to your existing layout.

Why should you use a taping machine?

You should use a taping machine if you want to provide your clients with a flawless product. It's important to use a taping machine even before the knurling stage of profile assembly. You may choose to have your taping machine integrated into your assembly line or you might prefer it to be installed as a stand-alone unit. The Muller taping machine can be used with all their knurling machines. This well-designed taping machine also works well as a separate workstation and it is easy to install and operate. Each profile is fed into the taping machine manually and then carried to the knurling machine via a drive roller. Tape is automatically applied to the surface of each piece and pressed into place before the taping machine cuts the ends. Muller TB Technologies AG was established in 1965 and the company is at the forefront of taping machine development. The company is known for its innovative approach to profile insulation and its taping machine is an excellent illustration of its level of commitment to the industry. Each Muller taping machine is made from durable, high-quality materials. A combination of the latest manufacturing processes and inimitable Swiss precision and workmanship make each taping machine an investment that will benefit your plant for many years to come.

Not only will a taping machine assure you of a finished product to be proud of, it will increase your profits by reducing scrap to virtually zero. Visit www.muller.ch for more detailed information on this efficient taping machine along with a range of options that allow you to tailor it to your needs. Can't find what you're looking for? Give us a call or send us your query by email.


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